About us

Meet the team

Operations Manager

Our Operations Manager oversees our operations and liaises with our commissioners and partner organisations, ensuring compliance with IAPT standards and meeting targets.

Clinical Lead

The clinical lead oversees the clinical management of the service and is a trained therapist holding a caseload of clients.

People Managers

  • Booking and Administration Coordinator

  • Prevalence and Workshop Manager

  • Community Team Leader, Peer Mentor and Volunteer Co-ordinator

  • Compliance and Quality Manager

Our people managers helps us to link with our community, building relationships with other services and community leaders and groups to help improve access for people, especially those in ‘hard to reach’ groups. They are also responsible for help the service run smoothly, ensuring that we deliver safe and quality services.

Administration Team

Our administration team consists of our front of house reception and data administrators; the backbone and vital front line of the service.

Clinical Support Workers

Our clinical support worker assists the clinical team in a variety of ways including: our initial contact calls to clients, delivery of our group work programme and appointment booking

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP)

Our PWPs conduct all screening assessments as well as providing a range of evidence based interventions for mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Treatment is offered both over the phone or face-to-face at our office and can include guided self-help, computerised CBT, therapy groups or stress management seminars to deliver:

  • Graded Exposure
  • Behavioural Activation
  • Psychoeducation
  • Managing Panic
  • Medication Support
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Problem Solving

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP) Team Leaders

The team leaders manage our team of PWPs. They are also trained PWPs holding a caseload of clients.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

Our CBT team delivers short-term Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to clients with moderate to severe depression and/ or anxiety through one-to-one therapy sessions and/ or groupwork.

Interpersonal Therapists

Our IPT therapists provide short-term structured interpersonal therapy for moderate to severe depression through one-to-one therapy sessions and seminars. IPT aims improve individuals’ relationships with others and is particularly effective for:

  • Loss
  • Conflict
  • Role transition
  • Grief
  • Interpersonal difficulties

Person Centred Experiential Counsellors for Depression

Our Counsellors for Depression provide interventions for clients experiencing a moderate to severe depression through one-to-one therapy sessions.

Eye Movement and Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapists (EMDR)

EMDR is particularly effective for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or any anxiety disorder which has stemmed from a traumatic event. Our EMDR therapists use a technique called dual stimulation to process traumatic memories and help the mind ‘heal’.

High Intensity Team Leaders

The team leaders manage our team of IPT, CBT and EMDR Therapists and our Counsellors for Depression. They are also trained therapists holding a caseload of clients.

Employment Project Worker

Our employment project worker is able to work with any of our clients, to help resolve employment issues such as unemployment, returning to work after periods of sickness, as well as clients who are at risk of losing their jobs due to a mental health issue. The employment support is tailored and can be offered one-to-one or via one of the employability skills and training groups.

Peer Mentors and Volunteers

Our peer mentors and volunteers work along side our People managers and Employment Project worker to help support the clinical staff to be able to focus on deliver evidence based therapies, they also help with reaching out into the community and hard to reach groups to improve access.

Unfortunately we do not have resource or vacancies to support clinical volunteers such as trainee placements at present.