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Involvement is about making sure that the voices of people we support are heard and that their experiences and opinions are used to improve our overall service provision. Involvement is key to all Turning Point services.


Every mental health service across Turning Point has a Service User and Involvement Representative, who support involvement at a service, regional and organisational level. The Representatives meet regularly at regional meetings across England and discuss issues and themes relevant to them and their service including technology, recruitment and organisational developments. Issues from services are reported at a strategic level and feedback provided.

Pictures of recovery from the Mental Health Sector Recovery Day

Recovery pictures


Involvement groups have been involved in training development (recovery and involvement), new directions, brand re-design and a recruitment creative day. The group developed an Involvement poster (below), which reflects the words of the individuals who attend these meetings.

MH0038_ Involvement_Poster_03


Individuals who have used the service have been involved with discussions about establishing a Peer Mentoring scheme for the service, to train and equip people who have used the service to mentor new clients.

Individuals who have used the service have helped present at several information sessions, aimed at welcoming new clients to the service. Members of the group have been giving their views on the Turning Point Equality and Human Rights policy which has been feedback to central services.

An involvement newsletter is regularly produced and sent to people who are interested to encourage participation from people who cannot attend meetings. At the last meeting members fed back their comments on the proposed talking therapies websites. In January one individual who has used the service helped a staff member to promote the service on a local radio station, as part of a programme of service promotion in the local area.

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