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Group Therapy

Group CBT therapy is a great way to access the same treatment as you would receive one to one, but with the added benefits from learning from and supporting those in the group.  It is okay to be shy and there is no pressure to disclose any personal or difficult information. However, success largely depends on you taking an active role in therapy.

Benefits of attending group options include the multiple sources of support and feedback, the experience of learning from others and realising that other people are going through similar experiences.

Low Intensity CBT courses


Living with Long Covid Group

COVID-19 has affected people both emotionally and physically. Being ill for a
prolonged period of time can be distressing and impact peoples mental
health and wellbeing. People may report feeling anxious, low in mood, depressed or frustrated with the changes to their life that having long COVID has brought.
This 6 session online course will explore the link between long COVID and mental health and focus on particular areas that are likely to be affected

Positive Steps Stress Management course

Our Positive Stress Stress Management Course is for anyone who would be interested in learning how to better manage their own anxiety, stress, low mood or just general well being.

Much like a “class” with a presentation, you will be given worksheets to take away and self help resources to keep. During the Positive Steps course there is no need to divulge any personal information or share any information about your difficulties, however interaction with group exercises is encouraged.

The course is made up of Six 90 minute sessions of guided self help based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This group will help you to develop a range of general skills to deal with common mental health concerns such as stress, low mood and anxiety.

Managing Anxiety Therapy Group

This 6 week course covers the full treatment plan for ‘generalised’ anxiety and is for anyone who experiences either physical symptoms of anxiety and/or those whose excessive worry and “what if” thoughts are impacting on their day to day functioning or relationships.

Managing Low Mood  and Depression Therapy Group

This 6 week course is for anyone wanting to learn self help techniques to lift their mood and improve motivation. The group covers ways of identifying and tackling negative thinking patterns and unhelpful behaviors. It also covers mindfulness and problem solving to help

High Intensity CBT courses

Building self-esteem and supporting self-acceptance CBT Therapy Group

This Therapy Group is 9 weeks long and covers a complete Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment plan for managing low self esteem. Learn to identify your patterns for self-critical and anxious thinking and learn how you can improve your mood and self image by teaching yourself new ways of managing your negative thoughts.

Managing Mood and Pain CBT Therapy Group

This is a 12 session therapy group for anyone suffering from chronic pain or a long term physical health condition who is wanting to learn how physical health can impact on mental health and vice versa. The group will help you learn to improve your mental wellbeing which in turn can help improve your physical symptoms and quality of life.

Managing Social Anxiety CBT Therapy Group

This dynamic 12 week group brings together individuals who struggle with thoughts and physical symptoms of anxiety about how they perform in social situations. The group tackles challenging thoughts and i a great place to build social skills and reduce anxiety in a nonthreatening environment.

Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder CBT Therapy Group

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Mindfulness based CBT for Recurrent Depression and  Mindfulness based CBT for Depression in Long Term Physical health Conditions

Turning Point offers mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy groups for people who are vulnerable to bouts of depression and are at risk of having future episodes.

Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence based approach which includes a combination of Mindfulness Meditation and Cognitive Therapy techniques. It is an evidence based programme which has been shown to be effective for a wide range of people.

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, cultivating a non-judgemental attitude towards experience. Brought together with the principles of Cognitive Therapy, mindfulness meditation can offer opportunities to develop new insight, new perspectives and personal transformation.

We offer the treatment in an 8 week group format, each session lasting for 2 hours on a weekly basis, with participants encouraged to practice each day.”



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Get in touch or refer yourself to find out more about these groups. If you are interested in attending any of these groups, we would take a referral and do a short screening assessment and discuss booking you on.