How we help

Healthy Living Workshops

Our Healthy Living Workshops are one or two part information giving sessions based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. For many these are the best place to start experiencing help with your wellbeing. These workshops are designed to help you learn useful coping strategies, which you can put into action to improve the areas of your life, which are impacting on your mood.

You can attend as many workshops as you feel would be useful, although we do recommend leaving a break of a few weeks between each one. This is so you can put in place the learning from each session, between sessions.

The groups are informal and relaxed and often involve a qualified therapist talking through a powerpoint presentation with some group discussion for those who wish to join in.

It is ok to be shy and just listen and there is no pressure to disclose any personal or difficult information.

“There was a positive vibe to the group. It made me feel more positive about the way I feel. Knowing that day to day things can help is really good and hopefully can be a stepping stone. Thank you”

Mindfulness Based Skills

1 part – 1.5hours

Teaches you to focus your attention in a particular way which helps you to focus on being in the present moment and stop reacting to unhelpful thoughts and feelings. This is particularly good for those who are focusing on past worries, future anxieties or feeling overwhelmed with pain.

Relaxation Workshop

1 part – 1.5hours

Learn techniques to manage physical symptoms of anxiety or low mood and be in the present rather than worrying about the future or ruminating about the past

Improving Your Sleep

1 part – 1.5 hours

This workshop looks at teaching you techniques to improve your sleep, whether sleeping too much, too little or just poor quality sleep.

Assertiveness Skills

1 part – 1.5 hours

Develop techniques to help you build on your assertiveness and confidence skills

Managing Panic Attacks

1 part – 1.5 hours

Learn more about your panic attacks, what caused them, what keeps them going and how you can manage them.

Managing Workplace Stress

1 part – 1.5 hours

Learn more about the common causes of workplace stress and how to manage it. Find out more about the support available and who to contact.

We can come and deliver this workshop in your workplace free of charge.

Low Mood

1 part – 1.5 hours

Learn ways to improve your low mood. By helping you to recognise and change your negative thinking and behaviour.

Emotional Eating

1 part – 1.5 hours

Learn how to get back in to a healthy eating routine. This group is great for those who eat too much, too little or just have poor eating habits. This workshop will teach you how to not let your emotions guide your relationship with food.

Support for Loved Ones

1 part – 1.5 hours

Supporting a friend or family member who is experiencing mental health problems can be a difficult and worrying time. This workshop aims to provide individuals with a better understanding of our service, the mental health issues we treat and how to help a loved one through their treatment.

Bereavement and Loss Workshop

1 part – 1.5 hours

This workshop is aimed at anyone who has suffered a loss in their lives. This self help seminar hopes to provide information on the grieving process, what is normal and when to seek further help. The session introduces you to some useful coping strategies to help manage your mood during a difficult time. This is not a support group and sharing of difficult or painful experiences is not required.


Get in touch or refer yourself to find out more about these workshops.


Public access workshops

We also run regular workshops which are available to anyone – you can attend without a referral or assessment, just turn up; listen, learn and take away new coping strategies and information about further support if required. You can find out about what we have coming up and book your place here: