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Positive Steps Stress Management Course

Our Positive Stress Stress Management Course is for anyone who would be interested in learning how to better manage their own anxiety, stress, low mood or just general well being.

Much like a “class” with a presentation, you will be given worksheets to take away and self help resources to keep. During the Positive Steps course there is no need to divulge any personal information or share any information about your difficulties, however interaction with group exercises is encouraged.

The course is made up of Six 90 minute sessions of guided self help based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This group will help you to develop a range of general skills to deal with common mental health concerns such as stress, low mood and anxiety. Each week covers a different topic:


Week 1      Information About Stress

Week 2      Your Body: Relaxation and Exercise

Week 3      Your Thoughts: Learn to Think Your Way Out of Stress

Week 4      Your Actions: Boost Self Confidence

Week 5      Panic and Symptoms of Anxiety

Week 6      Sleep Problems and preparing for your future

If you are unsure if this is for you you can refer yourself for an assessment and some guidance, or you can click ‘Sign up now’ to book straight onto the course.

On the day a clinician will take your details and you will need to complete some questionnaires, for details on why we do this please read our policy on completing questions and our MDS factsheet