How we help

Wellbeing Workshops

Our workshops are delivered by qualified Therapists and follow evidence- based treatment (this means they are proven to work and NHS recommended!)

They are informal ‘talks’ to provide you with more information about common mental health problems and filled with techniques to help manage these. There is no pressure to share personal experiences, you can just come along and learn, however, their will be opportunity for you to ask questions or share if you choose to do so. We will also let you know more about further support and resources available to you.

For many, our workshops are the best place to start experiencing help with your mental wellbeing. These workshops are designed to help you learn useful coping strategies, which you can put into action to improve the areas of your life which are impacting on your mood.

You can attend as many workshops as you feel would be useful, although we do recommend leaving a break of a few weeks between each one. This is so you can put in place the learning from each session, between sessions.

It is ok to be shy and just listen and there is no pressure to disclose any personal or difficult information.

All of our workshops are funded by the NHS so all you need to do is sign up.

“The workshop was so useful. The presenter was amazing and I finished feeling calm, peaceful, relaxed recharged :)”


Available workshops

The below workshops are delivered via video on Microsoft Teams. You will receive the link via email approx 24 hours prior to the workshop starting. We kindly ask you check your Spam/Junk folders for the link. 

If you would prefer to contact the service directly to secure your place on a Workshop, please call or email- 

TEL: 01924 234 860


What you will need: 

  • PC/Laptop/tablet/mobile phone 
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • A quiet and comfortable space


Talking Therapies Workshop: Managing Anxiety & Worry

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life and dependant on circumstances, feeling anxious can be perfectly normal. However, some people find it hard to control their worry and anxiety levels, they start to become more constant, unhelpful and it can affect their daily lives.

This workshop is designed to provide information on what anxiety actually is, why we experience the physical symptoms and information on what you can do to manage and reduce these unpleasant sensations. Learn how to manage the worrying, worst case scenarios and the ‘what if’ thoughts.

We also discuss relaxation sand self care skills and how these can successfully be applied in your day to day life.

Each Session- 1.5 hours

Dates running: 

Sunday 26th June- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 10th July- 1pm-2.30pm

Sunday 7th August- 1pm- 2.30pm

Sunday 18th September- 1pm-2.30pm




Talking Therapies Workshop- Living in Uncertain Times

Take an hour out of your day to learn coping strategies to manage news induced anxiety and stress.

Feeling out of control can feel scary, especially in present times, it can feel like a constant cycle of negative news, from Covid19, the conflict in Ukraine and other parts of the world and the cost of living increases, we are often reading and hearing things online or on the news that can leave us feeling out of control, this can cause you to feel stressed, anxious, and powerless. This workshop is here to help you understand and process these emotions and introduce you to practical CBT based self help strategies to enable you to manage this. 

Each Session- 1 hour

Dates running: 

Tuesday 14th June- 6pm-7pm

Sunday 4th September 1pm-2.30pm




Talking Therapies Workshop- Combating Low Mood

Feeling persistently low, a loss of interest or pleasure in things you used to enjoy, poor motivation and tiredness are some of the signs your bad days could be turning into depression. Sometimes there is no obvious cause for this, but we may notice that we are doing less, avoiding more and feeling consumed by negative thoughts.

This workshop looks at the interplay between our situation and how we feel, think and what we do when we are feeling low or depression and how we can help ourselves out of this cycle using proven self help techniques.

Each Session- 1.5 hours

Dates running: 

Sunday 26th June- 1pm- 2.30pm

Sunday 24th July- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 21st August- 10.30am-12pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Managing Work Stress

This workshop looks both at managing your own wellbeing and stress levels in, and outside of work.

During the workshop we will explore how to spot the signs of stress, both physical and emotional, and the short and long term effects this has on how we think and how we behave.

We look at which behaviours might be unhelpful to us and how to tackle these, but also introduce more helpful coping strategies to help build resilience and prevent burnout.

Each Session- 1.5 hours

Dates running: 

Sunday 31st July- 1pm-2.30pm



Talking Therapies Workshop: Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and body sensations in the present moment and can be practised anywhere. Executing a state of Mindfulness well can help in preventing you from dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

This workshop teaches mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you cope with the stresses and challenges of life. The content will include stress reduction techniques, guided meditations and practical exercises led by an accredited mindfulness therapist. The aim is to provide you with some simple, yet effective techniques that you can begin to apply straight away in your day to day life.

Each Session- 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 17th July- 1pm-2.30pm

Sunday 4th September- 10.30am-12pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Improving Sleep

Whether you have had sleeping problems for some time, or if difficulty sleeping has developed recently, there are steps that you can take to improve your sleep habits. Sleep is critical for both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Difficulties with sleep can increase your vulnerability to symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.

This workshop’s aim is to explore your sleep problems by looking at unhealthy and healthy patterns, and getting a better understanding of what constitutes poor sleep and you could do to improve this.  This will include techniques on how to deal with a racing mind, monitoring your sleep and a number of tips for improving your chances of a refreshing night’s sleep.

Each Session – 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 3rd July- 1pm-2.30pm

Sunday 14th August- 1pm-2.30pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Positive Body Image

How you feel about yourself should not be defined by the way that you look. Our bodies are amazing things, yet too often, we judge ourselves purely based on our appearance. Due to the pressures of the media and 21st century expectations, you may feel anxious, stressed or even depressed about your body shape or size. This workshop explores different representations of beauty and helps you understand the different influences which affect body image. It will teach you strategies to feel more positive about your body and help you to break the negative body image vicious cycle that many of you may be facing.

Each Session – 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 12th June- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 17th July- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 21st August- 1pm-2.30pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Emotional Eating

Why do you emotionally eat? This workshop will explore some of the reasons behind emotional eating and encourage you self reflection. During this guided 90 minute workshop, you will be introduced to a variety of scenarios and relatable situations, discussing some triggers, cravings, and  how you can find more satisfying ways to feed your feelings and manage this on a daily basis.

Each Session 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 3rd July- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 11th September- 1pm-2.30pm



Talking Therapies Workshop: Exploring Grief and Depression

The aim of this workshop is to explore what grief is and how to cope with it. Taking a look at being able to understand the difference between grief and depression, but also how grief and depression are similar. Join us and explore how to look after yourself whilst grieving and when you may need to seek further help and support.

Each Session- 1.5 hours

Sunday 24th July- 1pm.2.30pm

Sunday 18th September- 1pm-2.30pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Overcoming Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety, the symptoms of a panic attack are not dangerous, but can be very frightening. In this workshop we explore what is actually happening in the body during a panic attack and why they happen. We look to provide tips and techniques from CBT therapy as a beginners guide to dealing with and overcoming these attacks and reverse the avoidance that can be so debilitating for people.

Each session 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 12th June 1pm-2.30pm

Sunday 31st July- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 11th September- 10.30am-12pm



Talking Therapies Workshop: Supporting Loved Ones

Supporting a friend or family member who is experiencing mental health problems can be a difficult and worrying time. Knowing what to say and do for the best can be confusing and it can be difficult to really understand what is happening for your loved one.

How we support a loved one through treatment, or whilst waiting, can have a big impact on the success of recovery.

Each session 1 hour

Dates running:

Dates Coming Soon



Talking Therapies Workshop: Loneliness & Isolation

It is possible to feel lonely, even when surrounded by people, but loneliness and isolation can also happen due to many reasons, some of which include; being separated from other people, changes to your routine or your environment

This workshop will cover the reasons behind why many people feel lonely and isolated and explore how we can take positive steps to change this.

Each session 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 19th June- 10.30am-12pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition that can impact all areas of life such as mood, relationships, ability to engage in and enjoy things and concentration.

This workshop introduces the how mental and physical health interlink and how improving mood through talking therapies can not only improve quality of life, but sometimes improve our experience of the pain itself.

Each session 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 19th June- 1pm-2.30pm

Sunday 25th September- 10.30am-12pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Managing Anger and Irritability

Anger is a healthy emotion experienced by us all, but it can often be a symptom of anxiety, low mood, stress or being ‘triggered’ by things that we can’t easily pin point.

This workshop aims to understand why we feel anger, to identify own signs/symptoms of anger, to be aware of when anger becomes a problem and to start learning techniques to help defuse/resolve anger in an appropriate way

Each Session – 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 14th August- 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 25th September- 1pm-2.30pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Menopause & Me

When menopause starts, it can be an uncomfortable, anxious and stressful time for women, impacting all areas of life.

This 90 minute workshop is an introduction into what you expect from the menopause: the causes, the symptoms, the effects and also starts to explore some ways you can better manage this change in life and help your wellbeing as well.

Each Session – 1.5 hours

Dates running:

Sunday 10th July 10.30am-12pm

Sunday 7th August- 10.30am-12pm




Talking Therapies Workshop: Keep Moving Forward

**Previous Clients Only**

If you have received support from Wakefield Turning Point Talking Therapies and found it beneficial, then why not join one of our “Keep Moving Forward” Workshops to refresh your skills and coping techniques. We recognise that after treatment, some people may notice their symptoms again and start to relapse and this workshop has been designed to help prevent this from happening.

Each Session – 1 hour

Dates running:

Tuesday 28th June- 12pm-1pm

Thursday 30th June-6pm-7pm



Pregnancy and Parental Support Workshops


The below workshops are in partnership with other services and are therefore delivered both via TEAMS or face to face.


Talking Therapies Workshop: Mindful Pregnancy

The aim of these workshops is provide expectant parents with an opportunity to seek advice and learn tips and techniques to manage pregnancy. We will discuss managing stress, relaxation & self-care and how to prepare for a positive birth.

This is a two part workshop and you can attend either session, or both, and is attended by a qualified midwife.

Each session- 1.5 hours

Wednesday 13th July 11am-12.30pm

Focusses on your pregnancy and birth and includes:

    • How to manage stress and your wellbeing throughout pregnancy and birth
    • Relaxation
    • Preparing for a Positive birth


Wednesday 22nd June 11am-12.30pm

Wednesday 27th July- 11am-12.30pm

Looks at the early days following birth and preparing for life with your newborn and includes:

    • Supporting you with how to manage upsetting and unhelpful thoughts
    • An introduction to mindfulness
    • Connecting with your newborn and the 4th trimester



Talking Therapies Workshop: Supporting New Parents Workshop

Are you a new parent in the Wakefield area?

This workshop, focusses on parental and infant well-being and will cover things such as; what new parents tend to worry about, common negative thoughts, how we can get into cycles of thinking and acting that make us feel worse. We will offer helpful practical suggestions for coping during this difficult time. We are also working with health visitors, who will be in the workshop to give advice about helping with bonding and understanding your baby’s behaviour a little more.

Each session 2 hours

Dates running: 

Thursday 7th July 1pm-3pm



Talking Therapies Workshop: Copying With Pregnancy Sickness

A workshop for mums to be, who are experiencing severe pregnancy sickness. Includes techniques on improving wellbeing around this time and looking at ways to help with the physical symptoms you maybe experiencing.

Each session 1.5 hours

Dates running: TBC



Talking Therapies Workshop: Supporting Fathers in the Perinatal Period

This webinar is for all dads with a child aged 0-2 years who feel they could benefit from support around making the transition to fatherhood.

Whether you’re a new dad and transitioning to fatherhood, or whether you’ve done this before and have other children, becoming a dad can be both an exciting and challenging time. Many dads can find looking after their baby whilst also managing different responsibilities very stressful and overwhelming.

We understand that dads can often feel excluded from services and support and this webinar has therefore been developed specifically for dads. It will look at the importance of the father role within the family and the challenges taking on this role can have. It will be an opportunity to share ways of coping and look at practical support during this time.

Each session 1.5 hours

Dates running: 

23rd July 10am-11am



If you would prefer to contact the service directly to secure your place on a Workshop, please call or email- 

TEL: 01924 234 860