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Social Anxiety (Social Phobia)

Social anxiety, sometimes known as social phobia is the specific fear related to how one comes across in social situations. This may be only in very specific situations or only one group of people i.e. public speaking at work, or it may be very generalised.

Common situations which provoke anxiety:

  • Social interaction fears (e.g. joining in a conversation)
  • Performance fears (e.g. public speaking)
  • Observation fears (e.g. walking down the street)
  • Other situations: parties; meetings; authority figures; eating or drinking in public; working or writing whilst being observed; telephone calls

Common social anxiety thoughts:

  • What I say sounds boring
  • I’m boring
  • I will make a fool out of myself
  • They don’t like me
  • They’ll see I’m anxious
  • I won’t have anything to say
  • I’ll blush/shake/lose control

Common physical symptoms:

  • Heart racing and pounding
  • Chest feels tight or painful
  • Tingling or numbness in toes and fingers
  • Stomach churning or butterflies
  • Having to go to the toilet
  • Feeling jumpy or restless
  • Tense muscles
  • Sweating
  • Breathing changes
  • Dizziness and feeling light headed
  • Blushing/sweating/shaking

Turning Point Talking Therapies provide evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which means it has been proven to work for social anxiety.