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Long term physical health conditions and chronic pain

Chronic physical illness can have a major impact on an individual’s mental wellbeing with people affected being 3 to 4 times more likely to experience anxiety or depression than the general population.

However, it is less well acknowledged that mental wellbeing can have a significant effect on someone’s experience of illness and pain. Feeling low, anxious or just having negative thoughts about your physical health or pain can increase pain signals to the brain, impact on sleep and compliance with medication and treatment, and lead to inactivity. This can all cause physical deconditioning and poorer physical health.

Research has shown that Psychological Therapies can help improve an individual’s acceptance of their condition, their quality of life and perception of pain as well as lift mood and reduce anxiety.

Turning Point Talking Therapies offer many treatment options specifically to help tackle chronic pain and long term physical conditions. As well as one to one treatment, our Managing Chronic Pain Therapy Group has significantly improved the lives of those who give them a go.

A great introduction into how physical pain and health conditions link with our mood, and how talking therapies can help with improving our quality of life can be found in our Chronic Pain Workshop.


More recently our Long Covid Therapy Group is designed to specifically to help with the common and wide ranging symptoms experienced by people following infection with the virus, please refer to the service for an assessment or contact us for more detail