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Low self esteem

We tend to go through life comparing ourselves and others against each other and seeing how we match up, in lots of different ways. The idea of self-esteem relates to how much we think we are “worth” and whether we see ourselves as “good enough” compared to others.

We may rate ourselves as being of little value, others may rate us much higher. If we get into the habit of thinking negatively about ourselves then low self-esteem, or placing little value on ourselves is the result.

It can be like having an internal bully, commenting on all of our actions and criticising us. This can lead to symptoms of depression, and leads to things like to withdrawal, self neglect, low mood and lack of confidence.

When we are very hard on ourselves, we can also doubt our own abilities in certain situations and assume we know what others are thinking and that this will be negative, which leads us to feel anxious about situations where we feel we may be judged or perform badly. This can lead to anxiety symptoms and avoidance.

As well as many evidence one to one treatments for low self esteem, we run a Low Self Esteem Therapy Group, which is a full CBT treatment group which follows the same treatment plan as one to one, but can be accessed sooner and has the added benefits of learning from and sharing with others.