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Panic attacks and Panic Disorder

We all experience panic from time to time, normally if something comes as a shock to us; such as a big phone bill or a dog running out into the road. Panic attacks are much more distressing. They often come out of nowhere and you may not even know what it is that you are experiencing. This can make having a panic attack very frightening. Panic attacks:

  • Involve a sudden burst of anxiety
  • Create intense physical symptoms
  • Cause you to worry that something really bad might happen like having a heart attack or going mad
  • Last between 2 minutes to several hours on and off
  • Leave you feeling weak and exhausted
  • Can occur several times a week, or even daily
  • Can cause you to avoid certain places or activities

Sometimes people can experience panic attacks so often, that they feel anxious about having a panic attack almost all of the time. This is commonly referred to as Panic Disorder.

Some people are so afraid of panic that they become afraid to enter certain situations because of a fear of having a panic attack or because they fear that they cannot escape if panic symptoms arise. Therefore they avoid these situations. This is commonly referred to as Agoraphobia.

Turning Point Talking Therapies offer evidence based treatments for panic disorder and panic attacks including guided self help and Cognitive Behavioual Therapy, however you can book straight onto our Managing Panic Attacks Workshop and learn useful coping strategies straight away.