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Sleep Problems

Sleep problems can be caused by many things such as pain, alcohol, stress, illness, life events or just disruption to a routine.

Common sleep problems include:

  • Problems getting off to sleep
  • Waking early
  • Waking several times in the night and struggling to get back to sleep
  • Sleeping too much or at the wrong times

Poor sleep can impact our physical and emotional wellbeing as well as impacting our relationships, our mood, employment and just generally our quality of life. In particular it increases or even induces symptoms of low mood or anxiety, such as dizziness, loss of concentration and motivation, shakiness, forgetfulness, headaches and muscle tension.

Getting into a good sleep routine can be key to improving your quality of life. Turning Point Talking Therapies can help you get back into a good routine, and in particular the Improving your Sleep Workshop is a really good way to get back on track quickly!